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September 28th - October 1st, 2016

Business Partners Testimonials

If you would like to contribute comments regarding your relationship with TLOMA, please contact TLOMA.

Imperial Coffee and Services Inc. - Platinum Sponsor

Response to why they became a business partner “Initially to give back something to their company base and it since then it has become more of an audience – a way to connect outside of our office.”

Of the conference “ the programs are all above and beyond – really like the key to the conference…and was a great way to network with people.”

“We still like to be front and center with customers –like to give back to the community that gives back to us – great way for us to introduce new product lines and equipment”.

“Very unique conference because it’s scope and size of business is large but attendees are small”.

Cartel Inc. - Silver Sponsor

TLOMA is an incredible organization.  Legal staffing is what we do and have done for over 30 years, so we are proud to offer our support.

We have tremendous respect for the members of TLOMA and what they do to build long-term relationships. TLOMA is unique not only within our own legal industry, but across other industries as well.

Advertising in TLOMA Today has proven to be very beneficial, giving us significant access to the legal community.

Cartel is proud to be an established TLOMA participant. TLOMA is made up of people we have known for many many years.   It’s wonderful to see familiar faces at the conference. It is a great opportunity for our staff to socialize with the clients too.  The TLOMA community, however, is always growing.  Cartel grows with it, getting to know its new members by way of our participation in the annual TLOMA Conferences.

We are proud to be considered  as a Business Partner of TLOMA. . Our relationships with our clients are based on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. We take our responsibilities to THEM very seriously.  THEY KNOW THEY CAN DEPEND ON US.

Digitcom Canada Inc. - Trade Show Participant

Digitcom has been involved with TLOMA since the mid 90's, and we have consistently exhibited at the TLOMA conference every year since then.  Over the years our company has exhibited at many conferences across a wide cross section of industries, and participated in many different associations, and TLOMA is the only conference that has consistently year over year provided true measurable value.

Attending the conference is like coming home to see family ... there are so many clients all at the same place, and it's a great way to keep in touch with current, and meet new prospective customers. We have established many long standing relationships and significant credibility in the legal community as a result of our involvement in TLOMA.    

Thank you to our 2016 Conference Platinum Sponsors